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Wyoming Bride (2013)

by Joan Johnston(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: An easy read, liked the characters, great cover. The fact she doesn't tell her dying husband she's pregnant and then doesn't tell the new husband she's pregnant was not realistic. And making the first husband so unattractive..didn't see the point in that. The sisters are all lost to each other but somehow marry guys from the same family in different states was too far fetched. Kind of ruined it.And the second love story in the book..someone that afraid of death in child birth to the point they want to marry but never have sex is ridiculous. Otherwise.. it was a good book. I like the writing style, and the whole thing flowed well.
review 2: This was a quick, smooth read but ultimately uncompelling and unconvincing. Hannah agrees to marry a man heading west on a
... morewagon train to escape an orphanage with her twin sister and younger sister. She's widowed on the way west, then an Indian attack separates her from her sisters. Flint Creed finds her nearly dead from exposure and nurses her back to health. He decides to marry her because he's in love with the woman who's going to marry his brother and he can't stand the thought of living in a house alone with the two of them. There were two romances here: Flint and Hannah as well as Flint's brother and his fiance, who announces before they tie the knot that she never wants to have a baby because if she does she will die in childbirth. So no sex. But they can be friends.The secondary romance annoyed me, partly because I found it improbable and partly because I found the exact same thing improbable in the prequel novel -- Texas Bride. (In that book it was the husband who wouldn't touch his wife because he was afraid he'd kill her.) I got upset with Hannah for not telling Flint she was pregnant before they got married. I don't think it would have made a difference, but Flint had a right to know.I wasn't wowed by Flint's adoration of his brother's wife, especially after Flint learned that the woman refused to have sex. You'd think that would seriously dampen a man's ardor, despite his pride. Maybe convince him he'd had a close call. But that thread continued throughout as a bit of (IMHO) false drama.If I had bought into the underlying conflicts, this probably would have been a very romantic novel. I'm not sure why I didn't. Death in childbirth isn't exactly an uncommon fear even today when it happens so rarely in the industrialized world. And men can and do get stubborn when they get spurned in favor of their little brothers. But it wasn't spot on for me, so it's a three star.I probably will read the next book in this series when it comes out if for no other reason than I'm curious what happened to the other two girls. I just really, really hope that fear of death in childbirth doesn't come up again. less
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My first Historical Western Romance! Loved it! Reviewed at Fresh Fiction.
Enjoyed a side trip into historical western genre. It was a good story
It was a good fix for my historical western craving.
An entertaining read.
Good book.
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