Whats The Secret To Clean Living?


From Processed To Fresh

I truly don’t follow a diet. I did a long time ago in my teenage years, but I knew almost nothing about nutrition. I wasn’t overweight, I just thought that I will look better if I will lose 2-3 kg. I knew to eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks.

Being pregnant I slowly began to change my eating habits, like cutting back fried food, incorporating more vegetables, fruits, replacing milk chocolate with dark chocolate and taking out processed foods.

Fast forward to today, I avoid processed foods and try to eat natural, real, organic foods as much as possible.

By applying an all-round holistic approach, I find it easy to follow and maintain my clean eating and don’t feel like I am starving myself.

So What Can I Do?

My tip for everyone who is trying to eat better and avoid cravings is to learn all you can about about fueling your body correctly. Everyone is different and has different needs. Some may need more salt in their diet, others maybe cannot have diary. Try to cook all your food from scratch. Eat all the colours of the rainbow. Fill your plate up with colour as much as possible and try to think that beige is boring, so you don’t need it. Try making your own protein shake, nourish your body with a delicious smoothie for the morning snack. Some keep a count of their daily calorie intake through their day, but in my opinion, it’s not about quantity but quality.

But My Family Eat Poorly, How Can I Go Forward?

A good idea if you live with your family and eat unhealthily, is to try and slowly educate other in your house as to why you want to eat differently and hopefully get them on board with you. It worked for me and it helped me a lot. Not just me, I was speaking to a lady this week where she wanted to eat healthier but her family were stuck in their ways. She explained why she wanted to change and gave them examples of what could be done differently. In her first week she managed to lose 3 lbs just by eating differently to the processed food she normally had put in front of her.

Do I need To Be A Rabbit?

Not at all! Of course, I do have to go out sometimes. I do love a piece of cake as much as the next girl! I’m still human! I’m making sure, however, that my next meal is healthy or I’m starting the next day with a healthy breakfast.

Ok… So Whats Next?

There are numerous ways that you can train your mind to improve your nutritional commitment, improve your workout, and confidence. Visualisation can really put you into the place you want to be. You can see yourself, fit, strong and confident. You can see yourself nourishing your body with that healthy breakfast every morning. Making you feel radiant, giving you energy and good feeling, nourishing your body with the right food.

Food is the best medicine in the world, better than anything any tablet or diet pill will give you. Not only that, healthy can taste amazing!

Im Still A Little Unsure, Can I Get Any Tailored Advice?

If you would like to talk about your nutrition with me the please contact me on 07435 321 869 or see me in the club anytime. I am happy to help!

Much Love