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The Art Of Time In Fiction: As Long As It Takes (2009)

by Joan Silber(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 3
1555975305 (ISBN13: 9781555975302)
Graywolf Press
review 1: "The sequence of any fiction is, by its nature, the path of time evaporating." For this work, the author designated a handful of ways in which fiction writers can address time (classic time, long time, slowed time, switchback time, and fabulous time) and then discussed them with a number of examples. I enjoyed it. Worth reading if you are into fiction writing or interested increasing your reflective awareness of the fiction you read.
review 2: Silber is well read, and she makes sure you know it. Instead of a book giving practical insights to the various ways “time” is used in fiction, she introduces a concept and then proceeds to give a summary of a work she believes exemplifies the concept. More space in the book is given to retelling other stories than an
... moreything of real value for writers. Reading this book is like meeting a person at a party who can’t go thirty seconds without name-dropping. Very frustrating read. less
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Wanted to like it, but its hard to read because it's boring. Got to page 34 and stopped.
Way over my head. The majority of the examples refer to books written prior to 1950.
Not as vital as Baxter Art of Subtext, but good, nonetheless.
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