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A Fortunate Age (2009)

by Joanna Rakoff(Favorite Author)
3.02 of 5 Votes: 3
1416590773 (ISBN13: 9781416590774)
review 1: I picked up this book at a thrift shop -- the back synopsis made it sound all sorts of interesting so I figured I'd give it a try. The author has a great style, and an amazing way with rooting a strong sense of time. I'm not exactly of the generation that this group is from, but parts of their experiences were incredibly relatable. Each character was extremely realistic and very nicely developed based on the observations made by their surrounding friends, however, the most poignant parts of their lives seems to be where Rakoff's writing falls flat. The way she ties up the story lines of each character leaves a lot to be desired since her only solution to every problem the characters in the novel face seemed to be solved with something as simple as marriage and/or children.... more As an homage to New York City (pre-9/11, pre the VC-boom), its amazing, but as far as character development goes? Rakoff could have done better.
review 2: I guess my particular age makes me the audience for this book, fortunately. The characters are actually a few years older than me in this book, but I still feel like they could my own friends (except we didn't live in New York, and didn't aspire to such "hipness"). I recognize their emotions, even if the details of their experiences are different than mine. It is a story in different voices, all of them following the same path. I hope it ends satisfactorily! less
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What a bunch of mindless dribble . . . Don't waste your time.
ugh, who cares about these vapid new york girls? not me.
An absent editor; a lazy writer; an unfortunate read.
Enjoyed this book and all the characters.
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