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Death Without Tenure (2009)

by Joanne Dobson(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
159058709X (ISBN13: 9781590587096)
Poisoned Pen Press
A Karen Pelletier Mystery
review 1: Being a literature professor myself, I suppose I found this novel even more hilarious than others might. But still, this is a wonderful picture of academia and its joys and difficulties. The plot is great since Pelletier herself comes under suspicion when one of her colleagues who might be chosen in her stead for the upcoming tenure is murdered. I must admit I was more than a little baffled when I saw this picture of the American system, trying to atone for the Native American genocide by being politically correct to the point of being caricatural... I ended up crying with laughter towards the end.
review 2: I've enjoyed this series...seems like there was a long time between this book and the last one. The start was slow for me though it picked up about 2/3 of
... morethe way through. I realize the plot was centered around the possibility of one faculty member earning tenure over another mostly due to the former's minority status...but the book seemed really heavy on racism, profiling and righting past wrongs related to racism. Hard to believe some people can truly talk in such extremes. less
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Plot is so-so, and I couldn't stand the junk that rattles around in the main character's head.
Formulaic and not much of a mystery. I hear others in the series are better.
Fairly good mystery, unanswered question though and that bothered me.
couldn't read it. :P
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