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Pop Art (2000)

by Joe Hill(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I realize that I've already rated the collection that this short story comes from, but I have to single this one out. EVERYONE should read this story. It is undoubtedly the best short story I ever read. Before I read "Pop Art" my 3 favs were "Jefty is Five", "Casting the Runes" and "The Open Window" but now "Pop Art" is #1 with no competitors...as close to perfect as a short story can get. Please read this.
review 2: Pop Art, is potentially my favorite short story that I've ever read, and the best. I am not so egotistic to believe these are the same thing, the best and my favorite, however, in this case they seem to line up perfectly. This story puts most other modern shorts to shame. It is so surreal at first, I prepared my brain for stupidity, and inadvertent
... morely left my heart exposed. It was so sweet and simple, almost as perfect a story as I've ever heard. An undiluted STORY I can't get out of my mind. it was beautiful. less
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This was a bizarre, yet very touching story about an inflatable boy and his only friend
This was a great book about friendship and heartbreak. A great book from Joe Hill!
One of the best stories I've ever read. Seriously.
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