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Die Schattenkrone (2010)

by Joe Hill(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 5
386607798X (ISBN13: 9783866077980)
Panini Comics
Locke & Key
review 1: Joe Hill knows how to write beautifully. Everything in Locke and Key is woven extremely well. I liked how he depicted the mother's utter breakdown into alcoholism. The children's thrust into adulthood and childhood belief into what the keys can actually do. I hate how Hill is teasing the keys, revealing each piecemeal until the reader gets to the crux of the issue. On the outside, this may be about super evil Dodge trying to get his super evil hands on these keys of untold power. On the inside, it's about a fragile family trying to find strength in one another.What really makes the Locke and Key series so great is the wonderful art by Gabriel Rodriguez. It's absolutely gorgeous and stunning. The shadow creatures were creepy!
review 2: This one was quite dark, a
... morend the mother aspects were a huge downer but it was amazing. The shadow battle and giant Ty were great, and the artwork was gorgeous as usual. Seeing the kids personalities come out beyond mourning withdrawn teens is very satisfying, because no one likes whiny teenagers for too long. Can't wait to keep going, see what new tricks Dodge has up his sleeve, and how the Locke kids manage to keep him at bay. less
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Deliciously creepy, surprisingly sensitive, and endlessly creative. Love love love!
Once again a great graphic novel! Really loving this series!
Better than the earlier volumes; interesting and twisted.
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