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Glory: The Once And Future Destroyer (2012)

by Joe Keatinge(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
1607066041 (ISBN13: 9781607066040)
Image Comics
review 1: I would hate to say this, but the art on this book actually detracted from the Storytelling. I know the art is different from your standard comic book art, and the editors should be applauded for taking a chance, but I just didn't like looking at the main characters. Maybe that was the idea. I know we are supposed to be somewhat disgusted by Glory's actions, maybe she had to be physically disgusting too (and I am not talking about when she turns into a Demon creature). A few reviews back, I made a comment about Rob Liefeld and how much I dislike the books that he has worked on, well Image has done something with two of his creations- Prophet and Glory, he has given them to writers who actually have imagination. Though the art was a detractor, I will still give this book... more a shot, since I loved Joe Keatinge's book, "Hell Yeah!" so much.
review 2: The smartest thing Rob Liefield did last year was to let others write the characters he created. Glory originally was a Wonder Woman pastiche, to which Alan Moore later added a little back story. Up and coming writer Joe Keating takes that back story and expands upon it in a story that literally spans thousands of years. Well, we see Glory's beginning, jump to today, and then 500 years from now, so there is a lot of story in between.Our main POV character Riley, a young journalism student who used to dream about Glory all the time. When Glory disappeared, Riley's dream went into repeat mode. Now she uses what little money she has left to track down the disappeared heroine. Of course since Glory is the title character Riley finds her and more.But, is Glory heroine or destroyer? That question remains unanswered as Riley gets a glimpse of the future. Now, Riley has to decide if she can and will change the future in order to save humanity.Well crafted with interesting art. less
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Not my type of graphic novel, sadly. But I did like the art.
Fantastic story telling. Great comic, highly recommended.
Good art; terrible story.
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