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Twitter Power 2.0: How To Dominate Your Market One Tweet At A Time (2009)

by Joel Comm(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 4
0470563362 (ISBN13: 9780470563366)
John Wiley & Sons
review 1: There is value in the later part of this book when he talks specifically about how to use Twitter to grow your audience and lead them back to your own website, as well as how to keep track of what strategies work, but the majority of this book felt like it was written for older people who have trouble turning on their "typewriters with screens." It was a a long slog through the step by step procedure on how to set up a Twitter account and how Twitter works before you get to the few nuggets of usefulness. Most of what he talks about for the first 3/4 of the book will be common sense to anyone familiar with any sort of internet anything and sporting a brain inside their skull. There are probably better Twitter books out there.
review 2: If you have no experien
... morece with Twitter, this is for you. It covers all the basics and a peek at some advance stuff too. The copy I read (2009) was a little dated. It actually recommend to spell out retweet. I mean really? Like I said, if you are new at Twitter or overwhelmed by it all. Read this book. Anyone else will think that it's nothing new under the sun.The best advice from the book is simple. Participate in the community. less
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Very helpful when I was building the social media for my photography career.Recomend!
I think my personal use of Twitter is too advanced to have found this book useful.
Very basic book, could be helpful to someone right out of the gates.
Arrived a couple of days ago, cover not yet cracked
Thorough, but already dated.
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