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Brothers At Arms: Treasure & Treachery In The Amazon (2012)

by John J. Horn(Favorite Author)
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1934554758 (ISBN13: 9781934554753)
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review 1: Rating: 5 starsAges: 12 and upAfter reading Brothers at Arms: Treasure and Treachery in the Amazon a second time recently, I still came away amazed. I knew what was going to happen, I knew where the story was headed, I knew who the bad guy was the whole time - but I still immensely enjoyed it. Seriously, after over a year of reading and reading other novels, it still stands as my favorite book. Why? Well, don't get me started...Action. Adventure. Peril. The slightest hint of a romance. It all added up to become an intensely amazing story that I just want to keep reading. Oh, why did it have to end!? :) John J. Horn created an awesome tale. I adore it. Lawrence and Chester are so opposite - Lawrence is studious and philosophical, and Chester is mischievous and adventurous. ... moreYet, they work extremely well together. All the times they banded together to overcome impossible odds - escaping that treacherous cave and an enemy ship, fighting the Mayamuras, chasing down Pacarina, the list goes on. They are honestly two of my favorite fictional characters. The dialogue between them throughout the book was hilarious. Law and Chester are the perfect pair. And, I have to say, Chester might have a bit of Peterkin from The Coral Island in him.Pacarina Garnica was a wonderful character. After having read the book again, I like her even more. She is strong, intelligent, fun, and totally perfect for- *cough, cough* Never mind that matter. She was an awesome heroine for this novel. Sabas and Garcia are a totally different matter. I can't say much about either of them without giving something away, so... we'll just leave it at that - or, since there is nothing to leave it at, I'll just leave it. :)(I'll give some of my thoughts from the first time I read it, since the experience was very different the second time)I was on the edge of my seat when I read this last August. I read it in two days, the majority of it being in one sitting. I couldn't put it down! I was delighted with the originality (you could say improbability) and creativity of the plot. It had me hooked from the very first page. John Horn's love of history is evident, and I love the humor that is intertwined throughout the whole story. It has elements of manliness, chivalry, bravery, and God-honoring principles that are hard to find in books today. I can't recommend it highly enough! Just go read it! It's an unforgettable story. We need more novels like this one. Recommended for historical fiction readers, adventure and action fans, and those who enjoy a good book. Both boys and girls will enjoy it.
review 2: Age Appropriate For: 10 and up for mild violenceBest for Ages: 10 and upWhere was this book when I was 11? I remember not being able to find any historical adventures that were appropriate for me at that age. Every fiction book I could read was either fantasy, mystery, or had romance. I hated fantasy, was tired of mysteries, and disliked romance. That is why I read so many non-fiction books in my tweens and teens.Brothers at Arms is almost the opposite of every kid’s book today. It assumes kids are not stupid; that they can handle big words like ‘foreboding’ and the like. This book also assumes that there are those of us that enjoy books that are not centered around romance. It also is filled with God honoring principles that are hard to find in most Christian fiction.The story itself was a page-tuner. It was one of those thick books (304 pages) that you wonder in the first two pages how it is going to stretch out for that long. Before you know it, you are reading the last page and wishing it had been longer.I loved how the brothers interacted. Their relationship felt so real and was the source of some of the biggest surprises for me. How it develops and the lessons they learn were so much better than anything I expected.The lack of romance was refreshing for me. Now, there is a girl in the story, and at the end of the book you get a very strong idea of what is in store for her and one of the heros. However, unlike so many books today, there weren’t any real mushy scenes, no kissing, no heart-stopping moments. You could read this to your eight-year-old brother, and he wouldn’t roll his eyes. We need more books like this.I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Just buy a copy today! If you enjoy adventure stories that have little to no romance and lots of godly character, this book is for you.I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are entirely my own. less
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A bit childish considering the age of the people in the book.
I shall have to review this sometime later. :P
I LOVE this book!!!!
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