Itching to Commit MISCONDUCT–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a newly released erotic menage romance from Samantha Kane. MISCONDUCT is the fourth book in her Birmingham Rebels series and yet I had not one trouble enjoying it as a standalone. The series features the pro football Birmingham Rebels team, and the lusty shenanigans that ensue… This book features a recovering combat veteran and two pals on the gridiron. Yum!

About the book:
The Birmingham Rebels play both sides of the field, proving that the hottest action isn’t always in the arena.
Rookie running back Tom Kelly loves the perks of football stardom. Men, women—there’s no shortage of companionship for a pro athlete who’s hot, young, and willing, and Tom is definitely willing. But deep down he wants a committed three-way relationship, especially if the female in the middle is Carmina de la Cruz. The undeniably sexy Army veteran may not say much, but her body speaks loud and clear.

After a traumatic tour in Afghanistan, Carmina is struggling to regain her speech and rebuild her life. More than anything, she wants to feel like a woman again. Tom may be a wholesome All-American, but he knows just how she needs to be touched—and he’s not the only Rebel who arouses her interest. With his scorching intensity, Tom’s best friend leaves her wondering if two players might be better than one.

Danny Smith is no stranger to his team’s kinky reputation. He gave in to temptation once, but he’s not going down that road again. Sure, Carmina’s curves promise pleasure, but her eyes guarantee it comes with baggage—and Danny has enough of his own. Still, giving up control can feel so good. And when it comes to everything Danny craves, Carmina and Tom make the perfect team.

My Review:
Carmina is a combat veteran from Afghanistan. More than three years ago she suffered a brain injury that still affects her balance and memory, but she’s worked through therapy enough that she only suffers anxiety and a speech impediment. Pretty much, she struggles to initiate words, and sometimes inadvertently switches between English and her native Spanish. It’s embarrassing and she self-isolates so she doesn’t feel humiliated. She has a dedicated dog for comfort, too.

Since her injury, Carmina hasn’t had an orgasm–not by herself, and not with another, not that she’s had sex in three years; she hasn’t. But being around all the sexy Birmingham Rebels is turning her head in two directions: at Tom and Danny, two players who couldn’t be more different.

Tom is the quintessential Nebraska farm boy with All-American good looks and a charm that would woo a man or woman. Which is good, because he openly plays for both teams. His roommate and closest friend on the team is Danny, a brooding black man with a bad history. Danny’s really close with one of the coaches, Marion, and he’s got a hidden spark for Tom because of, well, an orgy they participated in recently to, uh, help Marion get over a gang rape she’d experienced way back in college. (That was all part of a previous book…)

Okay, so Carmina wants Tom and Danny. Tom wants Carmina and Danny. Danny doesn’t want to admit he wants Tom, and doesn’t want the baggage of seriously dating anyone–which is what he thinks he’d have to do with Carmina. And, there’s the question of the elusive Big O. Tom volunteers to be Carmina’s sex coach, but it’s Danny who gets her off. And there’s jealousy. And boosy, bossy Tom who recognizes that Danny wants him, but only when he’s dominated.

I liked this story because it had a bunch of things going on in addition to the menage dynamics. Tom and Danny have an on-field nemesis that had hurt Marion way back when, and the team he plays for is the last on their schedule. Will there be retribution? Players get injured and the Rebels’ playoff dreams are in jeopardy. Further, Carmina has to learn to stand on her own feet, even when it shuts down the “help” of some of her closest pals. It’s still a sensual book, with MF, MM, and MFM activities, and the trio is engaging. I wanted all of them to find comfort in one another. So glad they did! Readers of the series will be happy to get some closure on earlier plot threads, as we have lots and lot of menage couples who peek into the book here and there. I’m looking forward to more sexy tales in this series, for sure.

Interested? You can find MISCONDUCT on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo. I received a review copy via NetGalley.

About the Author:
Reviewers have called Samantha Kane “an absolute marvel to read,” and “one of historical romance’s most erotic and sensuous authors.” Her books have been called “sinful,” “sensuous,” and “sizzling.”

She is published in several romance genres including historical, contemporary and science fiction. Her erotic Regency-set historical romances have won awards, including Best Historical from RWA’s erotic romance chapter Passionate Ink, and the Historical CAPA (best book) award from The Romance Studio.

Samantha Kane has a master’s degree in American History, and taught high school social studies for ten years before becoming a full time writer. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children. Ms Kane loves to hear from readers.

You can find Samantha on her website, Facebook and twitter.

Thanks for popping in and keep reading my friends!

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