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Improbable Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, The (2010)

by John Joseph Adams(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 2
1441839070 (ISBN13: 9781441839077)
Brilliance Audio
review 1: A Holmesian pastiche lover's longings manifested. Some of these stories are more classic Sherlock, while others take flights into wild fantasy and speculation--time traveling Holmes! Alternate Universe Holmes! Crop circle investigator and Schrödinger's Cat philosopher Holmes!The slash fanfic was an unfortunate inclusion which kept me from giving 5 stars to this literary feast, along with a couple of others which only rose to the "meh" level. However, I can forgive a few less-than-stellar offerings in an otherwise dazzling menu.Sensing that I would like it best, I saved Neil Gaiman's amazing "A Study in Emerald" for last--and did it ever live up to my expectations. I anticipate very interesting dreams tonight.
review 2: A Marvelous collection of "What if..." Sh
... moreerlock Holmes stories. Not a clinker in the bunch, thanks, I'm sure, to Adams' skill as an editor. Some examples: 2 different explanations of Jack the Ripper; Holmes in the worlds of HP Lovecraft, HG Wells, and other Victorian detectives; stories of cases mentioned in the original stories but never told. The authors included give a good indication of what the stories are like.A good read for Holmes fans and readers of the Macabre and Science Fiction. less
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Lots of interesting stories. A few that were really out there, but still interesting.
Excellent collection of 'improbable' Sherlock Holmes stories.
In my opinion this book can change the world.
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