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Becoming A Man Of Unwavering Faith (2011)

by John Osteen(Favorite Author)
4.62 of 5 Votes: 2
0892968893 (ISBN13: 9780892968893)
review 1: Go back in time and blow your mind on how Word of Faith preaching started. This is pure faith in its infancy revelation stage, which is still relevant and applicable today. Just need to take note of specific portions that seem to borderline on works and interpret with care based on other teachings and revelations that are more current. Nonetheless, this book is awesome if u wanna get a sense of what pure faith is like. It will blow your mind.
review 2: BECOMING A MAN OF UNWAVERING FAITH by John Osteen Forword by Joel Osteen is an great inspirational,eductional read. What a wonderful educational tool.It is an excellent resource for christians. John Osteen gives the reader seven tools for the qualities of a steadfast faith and provides principles to help christi
... morean when their faith doesn't seem to work.A must read for any and all christians wanting to grow in their faith and learn good sound principles for the moments of struggles,temptations,and the times whn you feel you are surrounded and being attacked on all sides. What an excellent resource/guidebook full of spiritual information.This book was received for the purpose of review from the Faith Words and details can be found at Hachette Book Group and My Book Addiction Reviews. less
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I enjoyed listening to the scriptures and quoted and his explanation for what it means for us.
Some Really Great Principles on how to Become a Man of Unwavering Faith
I love the Osteens!
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