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Seeing Beauty And Saying Beautifully: The Power Of Poetic Effort In The Work Of George Herbert, George Whitefield, And C. S. Lewis (2014)

by John Piper(Favorite Author)
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1433542943 (ISBN13: 9781433542947)
The Swans Are Not Silent
review 1: The moment I opened this book, I had a hard time putting it down. Piper is deep, reflective, and well thought out. Though these are mainly taken from three DG Pastor's Conferences, reading them was just as beneficial as hearing them. Piper dives into the lives of Herbert, Whitefield, and Lewis to discuss the way they used words to glory in God, and through the process of those words deepened their relationship with God. Piper writes in the conclusion: "So the central point of this book—saying beautifully is a way of seeing beauty—doesn't mean let's all create poems or let's all be artsy. It means that as you try to find words that seem worthy of the worth of what you have seen, the worth of what you have seen becomes clearer and deeper. That's the point" (144). This wa... mores a wonderful and rich book by Piper. Well worth the investment.
review 2: Here is captured in words what I have enjoyed and experienced to be true about words and beauty and joy as they relate to Christ himself. You could say this is the book I wanted written and never even knew it. (Love of biographies aside.)In addition, by the end of the book I was fascinated to realize something. Looking back over the years, I see more clearly the magnitude of influence these men have had on Pastor John. The poetry of Herbert, the drama of Whitefield, and the longing and logic --romanticism and reason-- of Lewis have always been present in him.These range of qualities and gifts reflect just how creative our Creator really is. We are made in his image in this way. And we are called to "proclaim the excellencies" of Christ in excellent ways. less
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The three are looked at from the point of view of beauty and rhetoric. Nicely done.
Good biographical snapshots. Especially enjoyed getting to know more about Herbert.
One of my favorites in Piper's biographical series, "The Swans Are Not Silent."
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