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Mortlock (2010)

by Jon Mayhew(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
1408803925 (ISBN13: 9781408803929)
Bloomsbury UK
review 1: I had the honour of being handed a copy of this book of the author himself. I was fascinated by the characters from the beginning and I was instantly hooked. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't stop until I had finished. It is one of those that when it is over, you struggle to come to terms with the fact that that is it for that story, the plot has come to a close. This book is a serious MUST READ for anyone who likes adventure, mystery and a sense of danger. I have to admit that even though I am not big on blood and gore, Jon Mayhew creates the perfect balance between stomach churning plot twists and a deep sense of family in this book. I have never been so hooked on a book in all my life. I read this book in just under four hours and I can honestly tell you that... more if you haven't read any other of Jon's books, once you have read this one, you will want to read them all.
review 2: As an avid reader of gothic fiction, I was wary of Mortlock from the cover (as a bookseller, I shouldn’t be judging a book by the cover, I know, I know, but I’m only human!). A decayed hand thrust up forth from its grave, an unnaturally sized crow looming forth under the book’s title. One can easily guess the genre from a quick glimpse however, the story itself is prime and well-told. Mayhew uses well-woven threads of mystery and intrigue to form a terrific plot and back-story. Using themes of Victorian vaudeville and Stoker-esque, gothic tones, we have before us one of the better fables to emerge in the last decade of children’s books.These days, it has become exceptionally difficult to find excellent literature for children, particularly in the 9-12 age bracket. The media and more importantly, quite a lot of bookshops have proclaimed a certain boy wizard and his blonde creator as the re-inventors of children’s books. Furthermore, a certain vampiric series of kids books has in conjunction with the boy wizard often been credited with getting kids to read again. As a result, many parents seem to feel that if a book lacks vampires or a boy with a scar on his forehead who happens to be magical, the book isn’t worth reading. I strongly contend this idea. A good storyteller is fundamentally, very different to good writing and few people nowadays seem to be able to tell the difference. Mortlock is not only excellently written, it is fitting for the 9-12 age bracket, a notoriously difficult span to conquer in the chasm of literature. Although, this too is about magic and the unnatural, it lacks all the stereotypical cliches that have come to dominate the genre and importantly, it is a challenging read for the younger generation to get their teeth into. The story is enthralling and likewise, it is fit for adults too.I’m not going to detail the plot as I despise spoilers, but I do heartily encourage readers to go out and discover the magic that is Mortlock and hopefully, to enjoy it as much as I did. less
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i dont know how to read from here someone please help me cuz im completely confused
Amazing, can't believe I gave up on it!
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