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Dimanche (2012)

by Jon McNaught(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 3
1907704418 (ISBN13: 9781907704413)
Nobrow Press
review 1: I'm so glad to have discovered Jon McNaught's work! His art style is simple yet elegant -absolutely love the color pallet and paneling and his storytelling both in Birchfield Close and Dockwood is a little melancholic and sweet at the same time. It reminded me of one of those dull and utterly ordinary days, where you find yourself bored and somehow absentminded, doing nothing. Then for no reason, you start noticing all these small -everyday life- details in the background and this feeling you get is a little overwhelming -how important they suddenly seem and of such extraordinary beauty. A feeling that usually leaves you very calm and content. Birchfield Close is not so about telling a story -there is no specific story anyway- rather, more about getting this sort of feeli... morengs through. A very short but sweet read, perfect while drinking a nice cup of tea/chocolate!:)
review 2: I discovered Nobrow Press thanks to my cousin, while I was on holiday in London. Nobrow Press is great, I wish *I* was Nobrow Press. This is a very short book, with very few words, being a sort of visual-plus-sound-effects snapshot of an English suburb, at sunset. It's quite lovely and somewhat zen. At the end there are four pages of a "Wildlife Field Guide" which made me go through the book again looking for all the illustrated animals. (Hint: I'm pretty sure many of them do not appear, except in the Guide). Lovely lovely lovely and I'll keep an eye out for more by Jon McNaught. less
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Beautiful. McNaught takes you on a journey of what you look at but never see...
Simple, clean, and beautiful. A very quiet read.
Very sweet. I liked the guide to moths.
A beautiful little thing
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