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Jerk, California (2008)

by Jonathan Friesen(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
0142412031 (ISBN13: 9780142412039)
review 1: This book touched me in a way few books do. It's the inspiring story of Sam, a young man with Tourette Sydrome searching for acceptance and self worth. And while I can't imagine the struggles of T.S., I feel that most everyone can benefit from the lessons within. Sam may be an anti hero, but he's someone we can all learn from.When I finished the last page, I was truly sad that my time with this tale had come to an end. It's a definite re-read for me.
review 2: I think people should read this book because it can be applied to teens of any generation because it deals with important issues such a low self esteem and loneliness. If I could ask the author a question it would be what his inspiration for the book was. I think it is too show the perspective a youth
... more's search for one's self. I can relate to book because I have also gone on an adventure where I did not know what to expect. What surprised me about this book is the plot twists and the fact that I can relate to this story. The worldview represented in this book is that the world is what you make it. You can be a small town invisible kid or you can go on an adventure that will change your life. less
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So heartfelt and dramatic, definitely a page-turner after you read the first few chapters
Good story. Nice characters. Just felt like a little something was missing.
Awesome. Shows you should never give up.
It was great!
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