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The Last Martin (2011)

by Jonathan Friesen(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
031072080X (ISBN13: 9780310720805)
review 1: I received this book as a free giveaway through Goodreads. What if you found out that your name was cursed? That when someone with your exact name was born, you would die? What if every first born male child in your family had that exact name? Welcome to the cursed life of Martin Boyle.Martin has a mom who is a germaphobe, a dad who is a revolutionary war re-enactor as a full-time job, and a little sister who is a smart aleck. His best friend is using him to get to know a girl that Martin has had a crush on forever, and she doesn't even know he exists. But all things considered, Martin is still attached to his life, so when he finds out about his curse and that in 3 months time his uncle will be having a son who he will name Martin, he jumps into action to save his own lif... moree!I really enjoyed this book, and will definitely be checking out Friesen's other books!
review 2: Martin Boyle. There is only one Martin Boyle and there always will be. Martin Boyle is 13 and has an overprotective mom that is also a germaphobic, an annoying sister, and a dad that is into civil war reanactments. Martin and his family went to a graveyard full of dead Martin Boyles. The years are close in death and next Martin's birth. Martin found out he is doomed he will die when his cousin is born. Then one day when Martin was painting the boxcar a stange kid came out and said he lived in the boxcar his name Poole. Poole was living in the boxcar. He was homeless. When Martin told Poole about the whole death thing, Poole made Martin play baseball but during the baseball thing he got bruises because he was hit to hard. when Martins mother found out she was screaming and taking pictures of his bruised body parts and hanging them around for when the cop came to see if it counted as an asult. Later when Martin told his friend about it his friend and Poole wondered if they could date Juila, a girl he had a crush on. When Martin had the guts he showed Juila a story and almost instantly fell in love with him. She drew pictures to go with his knight story. Later all the kids worked to help Martin solve the curse. Martin was saved! I think this is a awesome book. If you are into comidy/romance/action this is the perfect book for you. less
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While it was a little juvenile for my tastes it was enjoyable and I would recommend it.
How odd; goodreads lists this as average rating 2 but the only review gives it 4...
It wasn't anything extra ordinary, but it was a fun read.
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