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Manikin (2011)

by Jordan Castillo Price(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
0013199153 (ISBN13: 2940013199156)
Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion
review 1: Uhng ...these guys ....I can't even ......they are just so hot! I haven't the words to describe the level of hotness here. I passed a red van today with two blokes in it and just about crashed car when I cricked my neck trying to check em out, and then had to control the urge to do an illegal U-turn to begin stalker mode ...I know it wasn't Wild Bill and Michael - duh - it was a knee jerk reaction okay. But that just goes to show how they have consumed my thoughts and crossed over into my world. And Yay for me: JCP adds a lovely dose of dollified human taxidermy for me to dwell on when I lay my head down tonight. Should be fun ...Just think of the sex, think of the sex...
review 2: About this StoryMy goodness, the first appearance of Big Red! I loved that van.
... moreFor me it was just as much a character in the series as Damian or Julie or Dr. Jim.Though it seems pretty obvious Michael and Bill can’t resist each other, I think what I really like about Manikin is that they’re both still scoping each other out. Wild Bill’s probably feeling pretty dismal about the prospect of getting sucked into Michael’s gravitational pull. I’ve always felt like he was a “live and let live” kind of character who didn’t want to do anything rash if he could help it. Not lazy, exactly. Just wanting to be left alone to his self-pity party. Also someone who doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything—so in this instance, I think he’s just thrown up his hands and decided that fighting his impulses in this matter would be like struggling against quicksand, so he might as well just go along with the program. I have fun imagining Bill sauntering into a used car lot and talking someone into selling him Big Red for a hundred bucks, and then signing Michael’s name to all the paperwork. All the while, I’m sure he’s thinking he’ll live to regret it. But he’s decided he’s powerless to stop the inexorable draw, and since he’s powerless, the blame can’t be pinned on him. For whatever ensues.Michael is more of a protagonist (the character who moves the story forward). He acts. Bill reacts. I know that in the notes for Vertigo I mentioned that I thought Bill was the leading man, and I still do—Bill is the main character through which the reader can experience the story. His mind is less alien than Michael’s. He’s easier to inhabit. I see these first five novellas as Michael’s arc. My favorite part in this story is that he admits to himself that vampires turn him on. I think he’d considered himself too smart to fall for that kind of appeal, and that his need for Wild Bill was an aberration of some kind. I suspect he sees it as a weakness, being turned on by vampires just as much as your typical emo-girl in striped tights. But the appeal of Wild Bill in all its facets is too strong to keep denying. less
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I love this series but I do wish the books were longer!
Just keep getting better and better!
Fascinating! I need more.
3.5 stars
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