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The Christmas Plains (2012)

by Joseph Bottum(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
0770437656 (ISBN13: 9780770437657)
review 1: Joseph Bottum takes us on a Christmas journey to Pierre, South Dakota where he grew and passed through a number yuletide seasons. He tells us some funny incidents that occurred while he lived there with his parents and then brings into play things that happened to his own daughter, some of which occurred while living in New York City. He has laughable tales to tell of tinsel and vacuum cleaners and a not so laughable tale about a blizzard that came in 1888 and killed quite a few people, mostly children. But, all along the way he reminds us of what Christmas is truly about.
review 2: This was a First read give away from Goodreads. I found this book was not the usual Christmas book that I have read before of Christmas. This book was about the author's memories
... more of his childhood at Christmas time growing up in South Dakota. Of family, receiving toys, and gatherings of everyone getting together.I found this a fast read and well written short story. It brought memories of Christmas time as a child and the fun that Christmas brought with family and friends. He brought hummer and the lost memories of Christmas passes. Did find it quite an interesting story as he tells of his memories of Christmas and how they where celebrated as a child and young adult. The author gave us a book about the fun of the Christmas season but also a reminder that Christmas is not all about getting things and the glitter we seem to make of it today. Thou he does reminded us that back then times where much more simpler and it centered around family and the meaning of what the Christmas season stood for. It was nice to see a change in the usual Christmas book. less
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Easy reading, providing some things to think about. I would read any future books he might write.
I loved this book of essays. It's a very relfective book about Christmas and Advent.
Beautifully written.
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