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Rise Of The Huntress (2000)

by Joseph Delaney(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 3
0061715107 (ISBN13: 9780061715105)
The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles
review 1: I really love this series, but felt this book was a little lacking. We've already dealt with Bony before, it was like there wasn't a new enemy, so Joseph Delaney brings out an old one. I'm also kind of depressed about the Spook's declining powers. And I was kind of hoping that Bill Arkwright had survived the inferno of the last book, but he came back in this as a ghost, so I know that he's dead. Hmm... Wondering where the story will go next?
review 2: This series continues to be everything it was at the beginning; spooky, fast, full of adventure and terrifying creatures. Bony Lizzie was very scary in this one. I can't wait to keep going!This book was hard on the Spook. He has lost a lot and the Spook is getting old and feeling defeated. Tom is going to ha
... moreve to start stepping up and doing more hands on fighting that the Spook can't do anymore. less
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A great series. I love that the characters continue to evolve and develop with each book.
I can't believe Lizzie is dead! Though that was a stupid way to die.I love this series!
Joseph Delaney continues to keep me reading his books.
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