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Spooks: I Am Grimalkin (2012)

by Joseph Delaney(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 1
1849414718 (ISBN13: 9781849414715)
Red Fox
The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles
review 1: For now, the Fiend's been bound. Grimalkin, the Witch Assassin, has the Fiend's head and she is ready to take on anyone and any creature that may try to retrieve it.The narrator of the series has always been Tom. It's his view that has been in the series until this book. It's what I'm used to and sometimes when an author changes the narration in a book series, it isn't always as good as previous books. But changing the narration to Grimalkin didn't take away anything from previous books. It was just as good and it hooked me right away just like the others.Also, I like Grimalkin even more now. She is a very interesting character and this helps the reader to get to know her more. I think this book also shows Grimalkin is more than just some tough Witch Assassin. The book was... more really good.
review 2: The last few books in this series have been an experiment in different perspectives. The first five or six books were written from the first-hand account of the Apprentice, Tom Ward. Then, Joseph Delaney introduced Alice, his witch helper/girlfriend. Then, we got a book from the perspective of the Spook himself. Now, we get a story told by Grimalkin herself..!Unfortunately (for me) this one was a bit too much to take. The story was slow going, despite attacks coming at almost every turn. There’s the usual “I can’t be defeated” story (which doesn’t turn out so well), and so many pages of Grimalkin going on and on about how fierce she is..Just too much to take for an entire book…I think this is it for me. less
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Brutal and awesome. My favorite in the series since the first book.
I loved this book! Grimalkin is my favorite character by far!
So good I wanted much much more!
Better than thought it would be.
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