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Heretic (2010)

by Joseph Nassise(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 5
Harbinger Books
Templar Chronicles
review 1: You'd think that if the Knights Templar actually had made it to the modern age and had enough money to buy lots of property that they would have made some advancements in weaponry to deal with zombies, specters and demons as well. Not in this book. Only one character in this book had any depth, and his was fairly shallow, and mostly around his dead wife, who keeps showing up to help him. She is also the only female character in this book. Also irritating is that author was obviously unfamiliar with the geography of places his characters went.
review 2: I picked this book up as a Kindle freebie, which generally means my expectations are fairly low, and was very pleasantly surprised. Heretic is a dark military urban fantasy. If you're looking for girls kick but
... moret or vampire romance don't look here. Instead the focus is on the Knights Templar and their battle against sorcerers and demonic forces of the paranormal. It's not a perfect book, but it was a quick fun read and I'm intrigued enough by the plot and the characters to buy the rest of the series and see what happens to them, which is always a good sign in my mind. I want to know if Cade ever gets his faith back and why his wife, who is supposed to be dead, keeps appearing to him, not to mention the mythos surrounding the Knights is fun and something unique among the deluge of vamps, shifters and other such (Not that I don't love all of those things too, but a change of pace is a nice thing!). less
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Okay read, has a lot of potential but not quite there yet.
Now this was good.
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