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A Study In Lavender: Queering Sherlock Holmes (2007)

by Joseph R.G. DeMarco(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
1590210387 (ISBN13: 9781590210383)
Lethe Press
review 1: I went into reading this with the expectation that I would enjoy it, being a fan of Sherlock Holmes and more specifically the idea that he or others around him could be LGBT+, and it did not disappoint. The ten stories in this collection gave a good sampling of sexualities amongst the characters and also how they dealt with those within the confines of the time period and how it affected familiar character relationships. Would have liked to see more women involved as characters, but I suppose there were constraints from the source material. Would definitely recommend this, though not for those looking for more explicit material.
review 2: Not bad, all around. There were a few stories that I found especially well done, but overall it struck me as rather medio
... morecre. I actually enjoyed the forward more than several of the stories. There were several stories that had very little to do with Holmes and Watson but instead focused very intensely on the clients. That said, The Bride and the Bachelors and The Adventure of the Hidden Lane were both very interesting approaches to Holmes' sexuality and how it affected his relationship with Watson. Court of Honor was also an enjoyable read. While neither Holmes nor Watson were queer in that particular story, the focus was on their opinions about and the actions toward the victim, a queer man forced to take his own life to cover up his secret. I'd have liked seeing more stories or essays that focused on Holmes and Watson's relationship, either as a couple or as good friends that happened to be gay. less
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Here is an excellent example of times I wish goodreads would let me give half stars. 3.5 stars.
Reviewing this for the next issues of Chelsea Station, so no detailed review here.
Some of the stories were better than others, but overall I enjoyed it.
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