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Stranger On The Shore (2014)

by Josh Lanyon(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 3
Carina Press
review 1: Wow! Finally a book I care to review. Very "atmospheric"(stealing a quote from the book), well written, and well thought of plot. One can almost see and feel the scenes and the characters from the descriptions. The only book in a while that had me staying up most of the night to read. Not a lot of sex if that's what you are looking for but the plot and the suspense more than make up for it. So glad I've finally discovered this author.
review 2: This book has the Lanyon formula, if you love a good mistery with a romance on the side you´re going to enjoy this book. It has one vulnerable MC and the arrogant sexy alpha male MC, I loved the sexual tension between them and I wished there were more romance because it was a hot couple, I´m hoping there´s anot
... moreher book about them.Very well written as is expected from Lanyon and great characters. I enjoyed it very much. less
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Weird twist to the plot that was communicated way too early.
Another wonderful story from Josh Lanyon!!
This one was gooooooood.
Brilliant i loved it
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