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Driven By Lemons (2009)

by Joshua Cotter(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
193523305X (ISBN13: 9781935233053)
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review 1: The same drugs that are required to understand this book are the ones that, if you OD upon, will render you believing that you're a glass of orange juice or sure that you hail from the planet Wonk-Wonk. While there are some fetching images in here (the detail is quite profound), I closed the book feeling quite glad that I didn't understand anything about it. There's a cliff of no return, and this guy fell off it.
review 2: When I sat down to read this, I couldn’t put it down. By the time I was done, one word came to mind: “mindfuck.” Yes, that’s extreme, but I’ve never been affected by printed matter like this. It triggered strong memories of my many hallucinatory experiences, including my near-death experience in the hospital. Josh has captured so
... moreperfectly something I’ve always longed to write about but could never figure out how. It definitely connects on a conscious level with stunning drawings and fascinating abstract storytelling, but he’s also exploring dark struggles with sanity and losing grip with the ability to piece together reality. The production on the book is immaculate, basically an exact reproduction of a sketchbook he drew it in, spine, cover and all. less
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Really neat, honestly. Very well drawn. I have no clue what it means.
beautiful artwork. don't work too hard looking for a narrative.
Abstract and in large parts silent. Quite engrossing.
aye, aye.
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