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Band Geeked Out (2009)

by Josie Bloss(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 4
0738714690 (ISBN13: 9780738714691)
Band Geek
review 1: This book ois about a girl trying to decide which college to got to and all the other descsions that go along with that. throughout the book she is visiting a college woth her family tha tleads to her meeting a new "friend". Throughout this book she will make the hardest descion of her life levae her friends and attain new expierences or stay and enjoy the people she always had. This book will taking you on a very relatable journey through the point of a teenage girl. the author does a very good job of making it relateable. This book did not hold my attention very well but was a quick and easy weekend read.
review 2: I liked the first book, Band Geek Love. It was cute and I liked that it related to band. But, after reading the sequel, I felt it was completel
... morey unnecessary, as Ellie's character became SO annoying. The book gave off a weird vibe and seemed really unrealistic. The second book had NOTHING to do with band, other than the fact that Ellie was choosing between a college with a band and a college without one. In all fairness, I did read the book rather quickly because it kept my attention, but I didn't really enjoy it. It's a shame because I think there should be more books that focus on marching band and band geeks, but this series just didn't really do it for me. less
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I'll be honest. I didn't finish this, because I got mad at it. I have nothing to say.
Still not a fan of Ellie or Connor but this one was slightly better.
umm it was okay, it wasnt as good as the first book
very funny this book is the best
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