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Moth To The Flame (2011)

by Joy Dettman(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 4
1742610021 (ISBN13: 9781742610023)
Pan MacMillan Australia
A Woody Creek Novel
review 1: And again Jenny Morrison's gobsmacking fecundity lands her in nothing but strife. God this was enjoyable. Trial upon trial. Couple of nasty backhanders plus abortions by the score. Ray had seemed so promising at the end of the last book. Dismal bastard here. He's the king of shock reappearances though, so I'm suspicious of the fact that we didn't really have a corpse we could see and kick. Still no Return of Sissy and her absence is keenly felt, although Margot's clearly on her way to filling her rank size elevens. Huge dollop of Margaret and Lorna in the second half and their riotous adventures suitably distracted from the Sissy hole, and what a cack they were too. Tears before bedtime in Book 4 I suspect when they'll be cat fighting with Jenny face to face. Can't wait fo... morer that. The two significant carkings at book's end felt almost under-milked. There was more to be wrung out of each of them. We was robbed of last words twice! No fair, Joy. Still, you'll hear no further whinges from me, this is sublime entertainment. The Woody Creek books are Grade A suds and among my very favourite addictive things to read. Joy Dettman is one of the best storytellers in Australia.
review 2: I was really looking forward to the third installment of the Woody Creek series so was so excited to find this in the store!I enjoyed it, probably not as much as the first two books. It was a little bit predictable and drawn out. I was getting very frustrated with Jenny and hoped she would get her life together.The ending once again was left open with none of the crucial questions answered. I'm thinking there will be another book to tie up all the loose ends. Well, I'm hoping anyway! less
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I wish the story would go on and on that is how much I enjoyed reading these books.
latest in Joy's series of books - great
Yet MORE Woody Creek!! :)
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