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Graveside Manner: October's Eve (2013)

by Joyce A. Scott(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
Joyce A. Scott
review 1: A murder mystery plot with spunky senior citizens. This was a fun mystery. I especially liked the fact that the book has characters who are openly Christians and often pray or speak of God. This is not a Christian story per se, the main story line doesn't revolve around Christianity or anything, but it's a real-life kind of story with some characters who acknowledge belief in God and that Christianity is part of their lives. Amanda, a detective's widow, continues his work unofficially. Some unknown person for some unknown reason drops dead bodies at her door for her to investigate. It happens often enough in fact that she even has a sling & pulley system set up near her door and a specially made gurney for hauling the bodies in then moving them out again. It's a fun... more premise, but leaves a some of unanswered questions... The dead body in question in this book leads Amanda to investigate a local officials and a law firm in connection with the death of one of their own. As her investigation turns up new clues, she works to point the police in the right direction, and to convince her oldest and dearest friend Prunella that she's not up to anything. Amanda never quits - she's brassy and unafraid to face any bad guy. She is up against the investigation of her life though because someone wants her out of the way, and will stop at nothing to ensure she doesn't expose truth. (Spoiler Alert)I haven't been able to tell if this book is part of a series or not, but there's never any explanation as to how the bodies get to her door... or why law enforcement never questions the fact that bodies are often not discovered at crime scenes, but rather they often turn up purposely placed in plain sight in this small town... or why the police never find any evidence linking Amanda to these bodies (she investigates them, makes a file on them, then dumps them on the police station doorstep, the police chief's doorstep, or some other public place for the local citizens to find and call in.
review 2: This book was quite different than what I had expected from reading the reviews. It turned out to be a "cozy" mystery with an older woman as the "detective." It needed a little more attention to the editing. I did enjoy reading it and thought the book led me to believe there were previous books about the same character, but apparently this is not true. If there are more in the future, I would like to read them. Because of these issues, my real rating might be 3.5 stars. less
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Quirky characters, But, I liked it!
Cozy mystery..beach read..
Nice read!
very good
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