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Daddy Love (2013)

by Joyce Carol Oates(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 3
0802120997 (ISBN13: 9780802120991)
Mysterious Press
review 1: This book creeped me the heck out. That is probably the intent of the writer, but I didn't care much for this book at all. The first several chapters repeated themselves, which I hated, and then the rest of the book just left me with a vaguely icky feeling, like I needed a shower when I was done reading. I actually put the book upside down when I was finished because I didn't want to look at the title anymore. Very creepy and odd book. Not for me.
review 2: So depressing! I have read this author before, and I knew that it would be mysterious, and dark. I chose this book because it's something different than I would normally read. I couldn't even fathom what a parent may go through when their child is lost or taken from them-which is the topic of the novel. It s
... moreeems to happen frequently, whenever I put the news on, it seems someone is missing. It's a depressing & crazy World that we live in. Oates is good at getting into your head and tugging at emotions. Not one of my favorites because of the difficult situations that children were forced into, but Oates is talented in the way she holds her audience's attention. Time for a fluff novel! less
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Though this book was both creepy and disturbing,so it does illicit a reaction,I found it pointless.
So dark and frightening a subject but Oates is a great writer.
it was good, but jumped around alot
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