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They Don't Exist (2010)

by J.R. Leckman(Favorite Author)
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J.R. Leckman, via Smashwords
review 1: I didn't like how the book was short. But it had nice details and suspicion. If the book where longer it would've been better. The main character was very hard headed and stuck up in a way. I think the main character made the book good because she wasn't curious like in most books. She really didn't care and it made her look brave. But in actuality she wasn't deep down she was scared but she didn't show it till the end of the book.
review 2: I'm writing this review as I read this short story.Thr punctuation used leaves a bit to be desired. There are periods where semi-colons would be better, and there are commas where they aren't needed and do not make a stylistic difference. The begining paragraph talks too much about cars. Or at least it seems to, due to the
... morepunctuation. To me, it seems like the same point could be made in a much better way.The narrator confuses me. First, he doesn't want the woman to know the room is haunted. Then she knows but doesn't care, and that makes him mad. He seems paperthin at this point.The cabin's appearance is more than overly stated; it's repeated about four times in 2 pages. The point was made fine the first time.Tha main female character has no idea whether she believes in ghosts or not. She keeps switching back and forth. Also, cold is a feeling not a texture.This entire story made me feel like I was reading a fanfiction. The characters had no personality, and nothing seemed to be explained. less
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Pretty good short story for free ebook. Kind of creepy; wish it was longer.
Loved this book, perfect coffee break read. Would recommend
Interesting short novel with a twist I wasn't expecting!
For a short story I didn't think it was bad.
Simple haunted cabin story, but it was fun.
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