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Dregs (2010)

by Jørn Lier Horst(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
1905207670 (ISBN13: 9781905207671)
William Wisting
review 1: Chief Inspector William Wisting heads the investigation into the discovery of 4 left feet that washed ashore in his district. He suspects that the feet have to do with several people reported missing several months ago, but is having trouble finding a connection. It is fascinating reading about the progress of the case and Chief Inspector Wisting's ability to tie together seemingly unrelated threads.
review 2: The story opens with the discovery on a beach of a foot still encased in a trainer. This is the second such discovery in the space of a few days. Both are left feet, of differing size, but in the same make and design of trainer, so what had possibly just been an accident at sea, is now firmly perceived by Chief Inspector William Wisting as a murder case
... more that is probably linked to the unexplained disappearance of three senior citizens several months previously. Whilst the case unfolds, Wisting's journalist daughter Line begins interviewing 6 convicted murderers for a magazine article about the efficacy of long prison sentences. Gradually the two threads come together but even though some plot twists are perhaps identifiable, I was still guessing right to near the end as to whodunnit. This is is the first in an established Norwegian crime series to be translated into English, and so just like discovering Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole by reading The Snowman, here we have an already established lead character and it certainly shows with beautifully drawn personality nuances of light and shade. Like most Scandinavian detectives, Wisting is somewhat careworn but certainly not destructively so. He is in that respect much more akin to Wallander than Harry Hole. Looking forward to more books being translated. less
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I enjoyed this book, the story seemed to work quite well. It felt a bit rushed towards the end.
Pretty good Scandinavian crime novel. Not a fave.
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