Pinterest – Gypsy Cowgirl

In my eyes, an outfit isn’t complete without a little sass. I love someone who dresses to them true self, and an outfit that tells it’s own story. So, looking through Pinterest as I always do, I came across a style that I’ve always wanted to try. Now I have no idea what you would call it, so I gave it my own name – “gypsy cowgirl”.

My input of this style definitely include some kind of aqua coloured, fringe, leather or cowhide accessory. This then gives the outfit so much character; and I say ‘the more, the better’.

With this style, I also love how it can also be a cheap alternative. Essentially, you could buy cheap jewellery from Lovisa (Lovisa is this only place I shop for jewellery… I love it!) and you would look exactly like these photos. Or you could buy a unique piece that has got an expensive price tag. It’s the same with the jeans or t-shirt you may wish to wear. It’s completely up to you, and that is what I love most about this style.

What I also love about this style is how you can choose to stay casual or you can dress it up. You could wear a dress or jeans, heals or boots; it’s a complete all round trend.

The photos I have added are ideas I have gained from Pinterest. I absolutely adore this style and I can’t wait to try it. What are your thoughts?

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