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Mine For Christmas (2014)

by J.S. Scott(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: Kara and Simon are both out of sorts in the beginning of this novella. After the birth of Ginny, Kara feels uncomfortable in her own skin and also wants to discuss having another baby. Simon does not want another baby and Kara has a hard time comprehending why. Once these two talk and discuss their issues, they find themselves back to being as close as they were before Ginny. A surprise comes their way when least expected and Kara gets her wish, but not in the way she expected. Overall a good read, but I was put off at how many times "billionaire" was used throughout the book. The point was made several times over the in the beginning of the book that Simon was a billionaire, yet we are reminded throughout the rest of the book. Just was a little over done on that fo... morer me.
review 2: This book just stole my heart how they took Timmy in without even having any second thought. Or when they found out that his bustard uncle wanted him Simon, Sam and their friends just jump on making sure the bustard doesn't get Timmy.☺ Its also sweet how they consider him as their son even tho the paperworks aren't finalized. But again how could you not love the kids, his sweet and kind and never took anything for granted. less
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great fun and a wonderful addition to the series
Loved this and live that you made it about Timmy
Cutest short Christmas story ever.
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