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Så Nära Dödens Hand (2012)

by J.T. Ellison(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 5
Förlaget Harlequin
Taylor Jackson
review 1: Once scorned by Taylor Jackson, a serial killer named the "Pretender" is not letting this pass instead he wants revenge. Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is always looking over shoulder and wondering what the "Pretender" has in store for her, leaving little hints letting her know he's watching; He's always one step a head of her and willing to kill anyone who is close or in his way. He manages to kidnap her best friend ME "Sam" and she is worried for her life and her unborn child. Digging deeper, Taylor is discovering that he is closer than she thinks and needs to put this search in high gear. Her fiance John Baldwin an FBI profiler, on suspension and was was eager to help Taylor out with finding this guy and to hopefully bring Sam hope safe and sound. Baldwin gets a call from a... more friend from the office, they finally got his name "Ewan Copeland" - they set out to find out more information on him.Meanwhile, murders were being committed in the same killing style as the Zodiac, Boston Strangler, and Son of Sam across the nation in hopes to win the game. full of twist and turns - great concept - great read!!
review 2: So Close the Hand of Death takes place shortly after the events of the last book, The Immortals. Taylor is still not in her right mind after shooting and killing the teenager who was responsible for the deaths of eight other teenagers.Her friend, father figure and fellow officer Fitz, has just been found wandering down a road in North Carolina after being taken by Taylor's personal nemisis, The Pretender.Baldwin her fiancee and and an agent with the FBI, and Taylor head to pick up Fitz and bring him home to Nashville. When they arrive something seems off, just doesn't feel right to Taylor. Before long, all hell breaks loose and the "team" from the local FBI office turns on them and there are several dead officers.Taylor and Baldwin head back to Nashville. They learn, through a crime blogger, that a series of murders is taking place across the nation. They are mimicking famous serial killers. The Boston Strangler, The Zodiac and Son of Sam. The Pretender is back, and he has help. They learn his identity fairly early on, but have a terrible time tracking him down. What they don't realize is he is much closer than they ever knew, and has been for sometime now.While they are running down clues to this man, Taylor is formulating an end game for when she finally finds The Pretender. One that may cost her everything. Including a part of her soul.In the mean time, Baldwin is keeping things from her. When she finds out the secret, she has harsh words for him, words she may never be able to take back. The last 1/3 of this book moves fast and is extremely intense. Make sure you allow time to finish the book, because you wont be able to put it down. It's an emotional roller coaster. And a doosey of a cliff hanger.I loved it. less
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Great book, lots of action. Loved the way it brought thrillers into the modern world.
I love JT Ellison and the Taylor Jackson series......they can't publish fast enough!
Amazing writer. I cannot stop reading this author's books.
JT Ellison never disappoints!
Superb thriller.
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