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Superman Beyond: Man Of Tomorrow (2013)

by J.T. Krul(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 3
1401238238 (ISBN13: 9781401238230)
DC Comics
review 1: I love old super hero stories. the dark knight returns, old man Logan spring to mind. this does a solid job of telling a superman tale along those lines. mind you there is not the finality you get with books like spiderman reign. its nice to see them exploring the idea of a day when superman is no longer needed, a man of yesterday rather than tomorrow. cameos from Grundy and luthor are nice, and there's a nod to Miller's dark knight returns bat suit, but it's the contemplative scenes of the new metropolis police force dealing with super villains while superman watches on no longer required that made me really enjoy this tale
review 2: Not bad just an average superman story set in the future (or the Beyond Universe). I had issue with the fact that in one partic
... moreular moment where Batman saves superman, it's Bruce Wayne dressed in a sort of "the dark knight returns" power suite instead of Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis). I don't understand why they did that and not explain the purpose behind it as in my opinion the Beyond titles are only relevant because of Batman Beyond. less
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Solid superhero fun, though Superman needs to be more self-reliant. Mediocre artwork.
I really enjoyed this future look at what Superman ends up doing when he gets older
B minus overall, fell apart at the end. Could have been better but somewhat good.
Enjoyable elseworld.
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