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Teen Titans, Vol. 15: Prime Of Life (2012)

by J.T. Krul(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 1
1401234240 (ISBN13: 9781401234249)
DC Comics
Teen Titans III
review 1: This volume averaged 3 stars, but I bumped it up for Nicola Scott's art and some nice character interaction.Overall Teen Titans volume 3 was pretty mixed. Like a lot of team stories, it was the strongest when the characters and their interactions were the strongest. It underwent a lot of lineup changes (both in character and in creative teams) and that really impacted the overall quality. In particular there were a lot of issues in the middle that were a chore to get through and a lot of wasted opportunities for characters to grow. I get that the writers were limited because they had to work within the constraints of what was happening with all the characters at the time it was being written, but there were long stretches where it was just mindless battle after mindless ba... morettle which is really not what you want out of a Teen Titans book. That being said, it began on a high note and it ended on a relatively high note.
review 2: This is the final Tern Titans collection before the new 52. In the first story we are introduced to a new team member Solstice. Theteam helps her defeat a Hindu God and save her parents. The second story is Prime of Life. In this story Superboy Prime comes back to San Francisco with a new Legion of Doom made up by Sungirl, Headcase, The Persuaded, Zookeeper, Inertia, and Indigo. As the battle continues more former Titans show up to help and we get one line that ties this whole series together "Legends are a thing of the past, legacies last forever" and that is exactly what this series has become over the past 8 year a legacy of how a book should be written. less
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Another wonderful addition to this book series. It's just a shame that this will be the last one.
This would have been 3 stars but the art pushed it up to 4, especially the Nicola Scott pages.
These stars are for Nicola Scott's beautiful art and a kiss that made me happy in the finale.
This book wasn't my favorite teen titans books but it wasn't the worse
I really liked Solstice, which doubled my rating...to 2 stars.
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