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Crosscut (2012)

by Jude Hardin(Favorite Author)
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Thomas & Mercer
Nicholas Colt
review 1: After reading Pocket-47 I was sure Nicholas Colt couldn't be put through more misery than he went through already. This novel proves me wrong, very wrong.When the MO of his old enemies from the cult Harvest Angels is used in another few killings Colt decides to investigate. He ends up being captured and brainwashed and involved in an evil plot larger than anything I've read in PI fiction. It's very, very dark and the punishment Colt is forced to take sometimes made me stop reading, just to take a breath and not be enveloped totally in it's darkness.This one is more of a thriller in the David Baldacci mode than a PI mystery but the writing is excellent and Colt still an interesting character. He ends up in a state that will make it very challenging for Jude Hardin to write ... moreabout him in the third novel, so even more interesting for us.
review 2: Nicholas Colt had once fronted a big southern rock band, the Colt .45s. Twenty-one years before, a plane crash took the lives of the band and his wife and daughter, he the only survivor.He'd worked as a PI for a number of years, retired now, and had a small house band in a blues club in Florida. Married, with an adopted daughter from his last case, he was content with life.Then an ex-girlfriend comes to see him, wanting him to find her brother, a uniformed cop in a small Tennessee town that had disappeared while answering a domestic dispute call, His unit was there, along with two dead bodies and two more missing.Nicholas wasn't really interested, he'd let his PI license lapse, until she mentioned one fact. The two dead bodies, an older woman and her daughter, had inverted crosses carved into their foreheads.The Harvest Angels appeared to be back.It all tied into his last case three years ago. Hired by a sister to find her runaway sibling, he'd run up against a religious cult and the Harvest Angels were their militant arm. They killed the sister who'd hired him, cutting that cross into her forehead.He thought he'd destroyed that cult. For two reasons. The death of his client and that they were responsible for that long ago plane crash. You see, they were "offended" that he, a prominent white musician, had married a black woman and fostered a child.Now he had to look into it.Quite graphic at times, our hero gets put through the ringer in his pursuit of the truth.Recommended. less
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well plotted and entertaining. New author for me, but I will read again.
Fast read. Fast pace. Good story.
Quick Read and exciting plot.
fast moving and unnerving..
Another great read.
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