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Racked (2000)

by Jude Hardin(Favorite Author)
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review 1: On the way to visit her mother in Florida, Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels stops off in Hallow's Cove to visit Kelly's Pool Hall and try out the famous pool table upstairs. At the same time, ex-Southern rocker turned P.I. Nicholas Colt stops in for a drink.It's Halloween and the two are trading qups upstairs when they hear a shotgun blast downstairs.A robber in a Bugs Bunny mask is holding up the bar and the pair team up to stop him before he kills someone. He'd already shot the cook in the legs and taken the bartender hostage. Liked this one. Am familiar with Colt and now will have to seek out some Jack Daniels novels.
review 2: Another exciting short episode in the life of Homicide Detective Jacqueline 'Jack' Daniels as she arrives in Florida to visit her mothe
... morer. "Racked" (by Jude Hardin and Joe Konrath) is a barroom brawl of a tale with a bit of a mystery and requisite humorous ending. The story follows chronologically Jack's mid-air exploits told in "Straight Up" (by Iain Rob Wright and Joe Konrath). If you enjoy one thrill ride, you'll enjoy the other. The premise of these new series of "Jack Daniels" mystery/thriller collaborations is that writers like Hardin, Wright, and others are bringing their own characters into the world created by J. A. Konrath. You'll soon be seeing collaborations between the collaborators as the various (new) characters meet, greet, and interact in their own exciting episodes. It's an intriguing concept for storytelling and will provide continued reading pleasure to those who enjoy this brand of gritty - and often seriously funny - thriller. less
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And then the zombies came. Heh. Classic Konrath.
Good short story. Humorous. Good read.
A fast and fun read. More please!
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