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The Rebel Princess (2009)

by Judith Koll Healey(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 3
0061673560 (ISBN13: 9780061673566)
William Morrow
Alais Capet
review 1: I like the idea behind Healey's Princess Alais novels, take a relatively unknown historical woman and place her at the center of important events, but it just feels as if the lengthy (and often repetitive) explanations drag out what at heart is an adventure. The end, however, is abrupt as two people important to Alais' current mission are simply announced as having been killed! Then the book just stops!
review 2: Princess Alais, sister to the king of France, is a feisty young woman who relies on her hunches as she navigates conspiracies and shifting loyalties within the royal French court of the early 13th century. Although this book is a sequel to The Canterbury Papers it stands well on its own. Alais wants to marry her lover, grand master of the Knights Temp
... morelar, and reveal her true identity to her son, but instead she is swept up in dangerous schemes as a papal envoy tries to persuade the French king to enter into a religious fray in the south. Rich period details are mixed with page-turning suspense and intrigue (and a bit of romance). less
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I hope Ms. Healey writes some more about Alis. I like these historical mystery kinds of books.
Very good, slow start but picked up as I continued.
Good historical fiction.
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