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Embrace The Grim Reaper (2009)

by Judy Clemens(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
1590585895 (ISBN13: 9781590585894)
Poisoned Pen Press
Grim Reaper Mystery
review 1: Casey Maldonado is trying to forget a past she’d rather not remember. She hitches a ride to Clymer, a small Ohio town hard hit by the recession and the recent suicide of single mother Ellen Schneider. Casey has a strange almost constant companion – Death. He convinces her to stay in Clymer and investigate Ellen’s demise. In the process Casey finds more trouble than she ever bargained for. The unusual premise, a fine mystery, and good characterization make this an excellent choice.
review 2: Overall, I liked this book well enough to where I'll watch for the next audiobook. However at the same time, I'm not so eager to read the next volume to where I'd pick up the paperback book. I'm pretty aware that a good chunk of my enjoyment came from listening to
... moreTavia Gilbert's excellent narration. I do have to disclose that this isn't the type of cozy mystery that I usually like to read. Normally if I pick up series mysteries, I like the ones that are relatively wrapped up by the volume's end without any huge cliffhangers left unresolved. This one did, as the background story of the Pegasus car issues wasn't really wrapped up in the slightest. I have to admit that at times I kept wondering why exactly they were chasing after her so hard. It can't be that hard to discredit one woman if she were to go to the media. The Toyota brake failures of 2010 showed us that a company can continue to operate regardless of publicized company failures. Granted this book came out before that point, but still.That aside, the characters here weren't awful. I liked Casey well enough and she occasionally reminded me of Charlaine Harris's Lily Bard in good ways. The side characters though, they're the ones that often shone the brightest in this book and ended up stealing the spotlight from the main characters when it came time for Casey or Eric to do or say something important. I couldn't help but want to see more of the jealous Layla or of Eric's mother and her partner. I do have to say that it was an interesting twist to make Death such a useless character here. Normally Death would be a predominantly major and important character, if not a potential love interest. That doesn't occur here and at times Death felt like someone who could be removed from the story entirely. This works really well in some scenes, although I'll admit that at times I got a little annoyed because he didn't seem to serve an overall purpose at this point in time. He may become more important as the series progresses, so it can be overlooked in this volume.This is decent and I'll pick up the next book when the audiobook hits my local library, but I will say that I'm uncertain as to how well this would do as an ongoing series. I'd heard that this was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but considering that there's already a volume 4, I'm going to guess that this is no longer the case. less
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fun premise could have gone a littled better more in depth. good story line interesting characters.
Listened rather than read this book. Thoroughly enjoyed Tavia Gilbert's performance
Didn't know what to expect..but wound up enjoying it!
Kindle free download 8/7/12.
Kindle freebie, 08/08/12
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