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The House On Sugar Plum Lane (2010)

by Judy Duarte(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 1
0758238940 (ISBN13: 9780758238948)
review 1: This is a wonderful book of people searching to renew and build their lives in more positive ways and I enjoyed it for that reason. However I don't believe in a god or a higher power with a divine plan so I found myself getting irritated when their focus turned toward a faith based on those concepts. I believe in the power of nature and the choices we make are driven by the inner truth we each are able to reveal to ourselves, not some higher power.Whenever I hear someone saying it is "God's plan" I feel as though they are relinguishing their responsibilities, rights and power and I don't believe any god should have that ability over us.
review 2: Lame. I read the first four chapters thinking that maybe something fun would happen and maybe someone would talk ab
... moreout something other than getting a divorce or being in prison. I finally skipped ahead, read a paragraph here and there in subsequent chapters, and nope, nobody seemed any happier. Finally at the end things seemed to be okay, but I didn't think I needed to read all the in-between to figure that out. It was obvious from the start. There are too many fun things to read out there--why be depressed when you're reading for pleasure? I liked the picture on the front of the book and thought it the "House on Sugar Plum Lane" would tell a great story. Blah. less
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Started good....
A fun easy read.
pleasant read
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