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Bits & Pieces (2013)

by Judy Schachner(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
0803737882 (ISBN13: 9780803737884)
review 1: Tink is an indoor cat loved very much by his family. He is said to have a brain the size of a pea and when his older sisters look into his ears, they can see each other right through his head. He east just about anything he sets his sight on and one day he has to be taken to the vet because of something he was not supposed to eat. He realizes he really enjoyed being out of the house and decides he wants to be an outdoor cat. One day, he finds his way out of the house but his adventure is not what he was expecting. This story was written in an interesting way that brings an important piece of the beginning into the end of the story. The cat in the story, Tink, is said to have a brain the size of a pea and when his older sisters looked through his ears, they saw each other. ... moreAfter Tink was lost outside for a while, the sisters found him and looked through his ears and, once again, saw each other. This was assurance that this was their cat. This little element served a great purpose in the story. The first time around, the line made Tink sound a little crazy, but after the sisters were heartbroken from not knowing where he was for a while, the line displayed a sense of love for his uniqueness.
review 2: This advance copy came with a note about how this book came into being and the story of Tink in real life. The back story made me cry so hard because it was so beautiful. Tink was adopted by an older cat who was near death, and revived to some semblance of life by taking care of Tink. (That is a separate book.) This is Tink's story of his taking care of an adopted kitten and his place in his family. Warm, rich and lovely this a a tale that is for all families and proves family is what you create. less
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Sweet story and simply adorable illustrations. Did not hold Cameron's attention one bit.
A cute little book about a two cats and how they make so many people happy.
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