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Undercover With The Hottie (2014)

by Juli Alexander(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
1494995484 (ISBN13: 9781494995485)
Suasponte Press
Investigating the Hottie
review 1: My copy was provided by Netgalley.This is the second book of the Investigating the Hottie series and Amanda and Will are back to get into even more spy adventures! They are travelling to New York City on a new mission along with Aunt Christie and Nic to stop a possible assassination of the UN Secretary General. It's a mission that will help save lives and Amanda and Will are going undercover.They are going to be normal teenagers who will infiltrate the popular teens of New York to learn more about this assassination to hopefully prevent. The only problem is that the new couple has to pretend they're twins! How can they stop themselves from doing couple-ly things in front of their new friends?This mission depends on them keeping up their disguises or else the US may never b... moree the same.This is a very entertaining spy series and I'm in love with it. I like how this book isn't totally serious and it's all about the spy adventures. This book takes you into the lives of Amanda and Will and helps you learn more about them. You get to learn more about their relationship and how it strengthens throughout the book.The plot isn't all action. The two have to go undercover which means some slow moments where they have to gather info and act like normal teenagers. But these slow moments aren't boring. They're packed with humor that makes you want to laugh out loud. I love how lively Amanda is and she keeps this book going. Amanda is the life of this story and she does an amazing job at keeping it light and not too serious. You can actually relate to the characters. They don't have any special powers or were born into the job. They act just like any other teen and they're likable and enjoyable. They're normal with their jokes and how Amanda and Will act together seems just like how a new couple would act.Even though the couple is on a dangerous assignment, the way they have to hide their romance makes the mission fun. The way they act towards each other is fun and real, not at all fake or forced. I can't wait to read the next book and see how Amanda and Will's relationship grows.
review 2: Here I am, reading yet another YA book. There is something seriously wrong with me. With that said, the action in this book was good. There was a point where I felt like I wanted to thwap the author in the head. No sane person will tuck their gun into the front of their pants to do anything, especially if they have undergone training with that weapon.Other than that, this book was well paced and placed the main character in an interesting situation where her boyfriend was undercover as her brother. And things get interesting from there. I cannot wait to see what happens next for Will and Amanda (and Christie and Nic). less
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I cannot wait for the third book in the series!
Plot was too simple and silly.
Is a great book to read
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