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The Blindness Of The Heart (2000)

by Julia Franck(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: The book was very interesting and I liked the way the characters were developed through the eyes of the main character. The lack of quotation marks often made it difficult to tell who was speaking, and the beginning portion of the novel seemed not to fit until quite a ways into the second portion, but once I figured it out I found it a very interesting way to construct the story. It was definitely worth a read, but unsure if I would ever read any other works by this particular author.
review 2: I read this in German; the "Klappentext" quoted above is a great example of why one should NOT read "Klappentexte!" "Eine idyllische Kindheit in der Lausitz?" Von wegen! Helen's life is full of pain, misunderstanding, and beauty from the beginning. In contrast to some ot
... moreher readers, I did identify with Helene as a woman with a basically matter-of-fact, pragmatic, yet intellectual worldview in a time when some doors were being opened to intellectual women (as the example of "Dr. Leontine" shows); but the few doors that beckon to Helene and her ambitions of studying medicine are all closed in her face. She perseveres anyway. Helene is only secondarily a "survivor" of the holocaust; primarily she is a survivor of the female condition as it was in her time; or times, since her life and story play out against a background of rapidly changing times. A good read. less
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Attempted to read but it was a failure within a very short period of time.
Skimmed most of this one. Hated the main character from the start.
De middagvrouw in NL
weird weird book.
Regalo di Simone
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