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Muddy Boots And Silk Stockings (2014)

by Julia Stoneham(Favorite Author)
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0749079096 (ISBN13: 9780749079093)
Allison & Busby
The Land Girls
review 1: This was my review for Kaiwaka Library...England in 1943 is in the grips of World War 2. So many of the men are away fighting, and the women left behind are doing what they can to keep the place going.Alice Todd is abandoned by her husband when his work moves to another town and he chooses to move there alone - or rather, with his mistress instead of his wife and young son. Needing something to occupy her time and provide an income, Alice signs up as a warden for the Land Army and soon finds herself in charge of eight-to-ten girls who labour all day and come back to their home at Lower Post Stone Farm in Devon absolutely exhausted.At the start Alice is fully occupied just getting the girls out the door each morning and then fed at night, but slowly as she accustoms tothe w... moreork she gets to know each of her charges and others in thearea.I'm not usually one to notice such things, but this book could have done with a good editor at the helm - the writing is a bit awkward in places. Having said that, I enjoyed the tale and am looking forward to the next book, "The Girl at the Farmhouse Gate".
review 2: Really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read, which I was in need of over this time at college (finishing next week!) so I could have finished much quicker but I wasn't reading too much over the past few weeks. But I really did enjoy it while I was reading it. It had lots of little story lines throughout. I love wartime stories and this is exactly that. Full of wartime romance, worry and doing your bit for the country.My nan was is the land army so I wanted to read a story based on them for a while. I've read plenty on nurses and the army and other services and I really enjoyed them too. But I haven't told my nan I was reading this 'cause I know she'll go "it was nothing like that back when I was in the land army!" haha!If you're looking for a very historically based story, that written amazingly and in great detail and historically correct in every way possible, this is definitely not for you because this is not that sort of book. But if you're looking for an easy read which is a part of series which involves the secord world war and romance, this is definitely one to look into. I'm going to start the second book tonight and I'm quite excited. less
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Książka zupełnie mi się nie podobała. Jakoś miałam problemy z jej zrozumieniem.
I used to love historical novels. This reminded me why I did. Interesting read.
Enjoyable, easy read. Only bad comment is that it ended suddenly.
I love all of the books of the land girl series.
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