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A Hope Undaunted (2010)

by Julie Lessman(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
0800734157 (ISBN13: 9780800734152)
Revell Books
Winds of Change
review 1: It's a Julie Lessman book...what more needs to be said. 18 year old Katie, younger sister of Faith, Charity and Elizabeth, in a very large Irish family, is strong willed, independent and has in mind what she wants in a spouse...which is someone rich who can and will allow her to reach her dreams of being an independent lawyer.Along her road to that "dream" she's forced to deal with an old thorn in her flesh, a boy (now a man) who used to taunt and tease her to no end when she was 11. He's been gone a long time and has come back to make her life miserable...or so she thinks.Many things happen in her life in the next few years to change her thoughts, ideas, and her very heart.Good book. It is a stand alone book, but I'd recommend reading prior books from The Daughters of B... moreoston series to get a fuller view of this lovely family. I especially liked A Passion Most Pure.
review 2: "UNBELIEVABLE EMOTIONS - JULIE LESSMAN AT HER BEST"!!!!Katie O'Connor is a stubborn, spit-fire whose beau, Jack Worthington, is "wrapped around her finger", and meets all the criteria on her list: wealthy, handsome, and well-connected. Her plans to marry Jack, enter law school, and fight for women's rights, are interrupted when she is unexpectedly forced to spend the summer away from Jack, and work with childhood friend Luke, aka "Cluny", McGee, with whom she had a love/hate relationship. Even though the scrawny, dirty, street-wise kid has grown into a tall, handsome, intelligent, lawyer - the sparks fly between them from the first chapter. In a family filled with faith - Katie questions hers, and fights with her father for control of her life, and the expressions of his love she feels she is lacking."A Hope Undaunted" - the first book in the Winds of Change trilogy - opens in 1929 Boston, and is the continuation of the O'Connor family saga, which started with the Daughters of Boston trilogy. Warm interactions between family members previously introduced, continue in "A Hope Undaunted", as well as that of numerous new characters - among them, scene stealer Gabe, a feisty orphan eight (8) years old, and Parker Riley - Katie's kind, east-going boss.There are numerous "twists-and-turns" in "A Hope Undaunted" - as in all of Julie Lessman's books - both heart-breaking, and heart-warming. I experienced many emotions while reading this beautiful, powerful, classic Julie Lessman, story that is filled with humor, drama, tears, anger, romance, excitement, angst, passion, characters so realistic I feel I know them personally, and an inspirational family of faith, whose love and passion is centered around God, and which drew me closer to Him through their experiences.Julie Lessman is a master at her craft - her books inspire and touch me deeply. They're hard to put down, bring me joy with their happy endings, always leave me wanting more, and leave warm memories that last long after finishing them!! less
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It was ok, but it kind of felt like I was reading a Christian soap opera, A little to much drama.
The storyline was good, but the writing style wasn't.
Would give this 4.5 stars.
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