229. Out For Blood (1992)

*The Warlock opens the door to his lair. He’s wearing a black leather jacket, PRIMAL FEAR t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He’s holding a diamond studded goblet of Dr. Pepper*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair…welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host The Warlock.

*Warlock shoots fire into the sky before entering the lair*

Warlock: Tonight its another solo IT CAME FROM YOUTUBE called Out For Blood. Don “Dragon” Wilson beats the shit out of a bunch of people, you get the idea.

*Warlock takes his seat in the recliner*

Warlock: So let’s get this over with, time to put on Out For Blood.



Directed by Richard W Munchkin

Written by Robert Easter, Neva Friedenn, Paul Maslak and Don Wilson
*Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “A lawyer’s family is murdered by drug smugglers, and he is beaten and left for dead, but survives although in a coma. When he awakes he only has a partial memory of what happened. In order to find out the real story, he trains with a karate master and becomes a mysterious avenger known as “The Karate Man”

Warlock: So more or less Hard To Kill and The Karate Kid put together….great.


*Opening credits has John Decker (Don “Dragon” Wilson) trainingJ*

Warlock: Wasn’t this out of Ring of Fire as well?


*John runs in slow motion before running in real time in between flashbacks of him teaching a little boy to fight and a woman saying “I love you”*

Warlock: so rather than get a flashback scene, the writer just goes back and forth to save time. I like it.


*John flashes back to kissing the girl as he runs into an elbow from the Street Dealer (Art Camacho)*

Warlock: And the 40th movie in a row with a guest appearance by Art Camacho.


*John flashes back to the woman being attacked as he calls the Dealer dirt. John beats the shit out of him and rips the key of coke. More back and forth flashback of John’s kid being killed as well as his girl. John then runs from the dealer and the buyer. John runs up a fire escape with 3 men chasing him*

Warlock: Love to see him beat the fuck out of these guys.


*Dealer says he’s gonna kill him and John says you can’t kill a man that’s already dead. John kills Dealer and one of his bodyguards. He has flashbacks of the men that destroyed his life and kicks the third guy off the roof, killing him on a car below*

Warlock: This is more bloodier than most of Don’s movies and we’re less than 10 minutes into it.


*Lt Edward Croft (Michael DeLano) rings the doorbell of someone who doesn’t answer. He pulls out a lockpick and unlocks the door. He walks up the stairs and John tells him that’s breaking and entering. Croft tells him that John doesn’t have selective amnesia. Dr Jay “Mack” McConnell (Ron Steelman) is the one who told him that. John says he waited 15 months for the police to bring down the guys who murdered his family and they’ve done nothing*

Warlock: Why wait for the police to do anything?


*John throws him out and Croft says he has his number and call him if he thinks of anything. A newscaster reports that an unidentified man killed 3 drug dealers and a homeless lady calls him a karate man*

Warlock: Nice working title.


*Mack brings John to an art exhibit and checks out a woman as Mack says there’s beautiful work in here. Joanna Montague (Shari Shattuck) walks over*

Warlock: Otherwise known as Mrs. Heavenly Hips.


*Mack introduces John as a lawyer and Joanna hopes he’s rich and ruthless. John says he’s not rich but very ruthless. Joanna grabs Mack to persuade him to buy something as John checks out various paintings*

Warlock: Real pleasant, can we get back to the action?


*Joanna tells John she doesn’t paint. Joanna brings John to meet the artist, Hiroshi (Aki Aleong). Hiroshi without knowing him bows and figures out John is not well. John tells him that he’s peaceful and lost his family. Hiroshi explains everything peaceful started with something violent. We get a flashback of Jeffrey (Richard Rabago) and Laura (Melinda Clarke) being murdered. Mack brings John out of his hypnosis spell. John says he feels like a trainwreck. Mack tries to reason that it wasn’t his fault they died*

Warlock: He’s right.


*Mack says there’s an explanation of his condition in a gigantic encylopedia and John says that will help him sleep that night. Suddenly the drug dealer he kicked off the roof is wheeled in like a blithering idiot as Mack and John both ignore him. Mack tells John that Joanna is out of his league. Mack says she has a jealous ex boyfriend. Suddenly the drug dealer wakes up and is a roided out bodybuilder. John kocks him out with the briefcase handle. He trells Mack he feels better and we cut to him training on the beach*

Warlock: Almost as bad ass of a lawyer as Harvey Dent.


*John calls up a police seargeant in regards to his case file. He looks at it that night along with a bag of clothes and a gun. He looks at the picture of Laura and says he’ll be seeing her. Jack dresses in all black and beats the fuck out of a drug dealer before we cut*

Warlock: So he’s Batman now? A secret vigilante that beats drug dealers to a pulp with his bare hands……sounds good to me.


*Some lady (Denise Dowse) is confronted by 3 crackhouse dealers (Howard Jackson, Jenard Wells and Troy Augborne). The leader tries to strong arm her and she tells them to fuck off. John sneaks up behind them. One of the others goes to throw a molotov cocktail innto the woman’s home and John grabs the burning rag out just in time, so the guy throws a beer bottle against the steps*

Warlock: Even if the rag was still in, that was lousy aim, the concrete steps is nowhere near the porch.


*John throws the rag in one guy’s face and beats the shit out of the others. The lady says thank you before John leaves. Next John has soup at a local diner when a no-goodnik enters and pulls a gun. John has a flashback of the murderer and disarms him. John beats the fuck out of him too and smashes a bottle over his head. The diner owner bows her head as John leaves*

Warlock: Didn’t think this was going to be a vigilante superhero movie.


*John calls Mack that he had a nightmare and Mack tells him to come to the office now. We cut to a drug lab as a newscaster talks about “The Karate Man” killing 5. Croft goes on TV and says they’ll prosecute Karate Man if he has to. Bubbah (Joey Sagal) tells Rick (Todd Curtis) that there’s a psycho on their case. Bubbah says he’s going on vacation and Rick slowly clams him down. Bo (Addison Randall) and Blade (Ken McLeod) are also introduced. Blade jump kicks Bubbah and Rick says no one quits. Blade snaps Bubbah’s arm. Rick says to find The Karate Man and tells Blade to take care of Bubbah. Rick calls someone and says they have a problem and need to talk about it*

Warlock: Finally the bad guys are established.


*Joanna and John go to dinner together. Joanna tells John her life his complicated when Jerry Geisler (Robert Miano) walks in. He sits at the table and Joanna introduces them. Jerry blows him off and wants her to come with him. John tells him to screw so Jerry spills a drink on him. John excuses himself to go to the bathroom and Jerry tells his two bodyguards (Deron McBee and Dino Homesy)  to attack. Joanna yells at Jerry as the bodyguards pounce, only for John to beat the crap out of both of them*

Warlock: Get that piece of crap Jerry next.


*John tells the bodyguards he’ll see them later and Jerry non-chalantly says to Joanna that John had to leave. John then sits down next to a stunned Jerry and tells him his two friends are calling for him. Jerry excuses himself and John tells him to take his time. Joanna asks him if he knows how powerful Jerry is and John says to take a chance. They leave as the newscaster reports the Karate Man has delivered a massive amount of coke to the police and the police are pretty much useless. Croft holds a seminar asking what they can do about it*

Warlock: Your jobs!


*Hubbel (Beau Billingslea) crack jokes that Karate Man wears tights and they should hire him. Detective Price (Roberta Vasquez) says 203 people have died in drug related incidents. Croft says he wants all available personnel to find Karate Man*

Warlock: So rather than clean up the streets, you’re going after the guy trying to clean up the streets. The cops suck.


*Joanna and John share bonding moments in the art gallery until she insults him and calls him a bastard. She explains that her ex boyfriend Michael was in a bad mood and Joanna says she told him to commit suicide, and he did*

Warlock: Wow, what an asshole.


*Joanna wakes up and John isn’t there. He’s with Hiroshi having tea. Hiroshi tries to get John to remember the past. Meanwhile the crackhouse bustles with activity. 2 college kids (Michael J Sarna and Keith William) go to buy from Bubbah when John appears behind Bubbah and says he’s out of business. John steals his gun as a dealer shoots one of the kids. John shoots him dead. John shoots another dealer dead and then a third. More goons arrive and John caps them too. John sneaks up and shoots another one.  Some guy in a US army uniform fights John and gets the upper hand*

Warlock: Sgt Savage reporting for duty.


*John uses an eye gouge to gain the advantage then beats the shit out of him. John recognizes him as one of the guys that helped kill his family and shoves the key of coke down his throat. John beats the shit out of more goons as he gets away*

Warlock: One down, two to go.


*Rick and Blade run up and find the guy dying, Rick shoots him dead*

Warlock: I would say “take out your own guy” but he was already dying.


*Joanna and John are together. She finds blood on his clothes. The newscaster says 29 men have been either killed or jailed by Karate Man.  Croft reports the guy who swallowed coke was a convicted felon as Joanna figures out John is Karate Man*

Warlock: Now she’s gonna go spill the beans.


*Joanna gives John a painting that Hiroshi made. We get a near sex scene before cutting to Blade. He laments losing so many men to just one guy. Rick yells at him and says to focus on the shipping of coke coming that night. They pack for battle. Meanwhile Jerry’s bodyguards attack John again and once again John beats the shit out of them. John throws one of them into a phone booth and the coins scatter everywhere*

Warlock: Fumble!!!


*John bangs on Joanna’s door and demands an explanation. John says she set him up and she says she called Mack and told him he was Karate Man. They yell at each other and John says he’s coming after Jerry. Joanna tells him to bring it and John walks out. John visits Hiroshi and Hiroshi says he’s leaving the city the next night. John then yells at Mack for spying on him. Mack says Jerry is a big time drug dealer that killed Joanna’s ex, he never committed suicide. John storms out and gets packed for battle*

Warlock: We got a half hour left, this is too early for the big finale.


*The bodyguards chase John in a car, he jumps on the hood as a police cruiser pulls up and chases the car. Croft jumps out of the cruiser and asks if they are friends of his. Croft has the goons hauled off and he says he’;ll buy John a drink. John cleans himself up and Croft questions him at the bar. John says he does some running from time to time. Croft says he thinks he’s Karate Man and asks what he wants with Joanna. John asks about Michael and Croft says Jerry used political power to get himself cleared, Croft did the investigating*

Warlock: Red flag right there.


*John pays for the drinks and goes to leave, Croft more or less says he makes more money than most cops. Blade tells a kid (Tarous Jaghory) to stand guard. Rick tells his employer everything is according to plan. A lookout guy (Don Niam) is dispatched by John. The lookout guy fails to respond as a van crashes through the wall with the lookout guy inside. Meanwhile John cuts the power. John remmebers Rick and Blade killing his wife and kid. John takes a pill and leaves behind a clue. He starts capping the crackhouse goons. John beats the crap out of another guy hand to hand*

Warlock: 20 minutes left, can’t be the end.


*John tackles the kid but lets him go. The place catches fire and explodes just as John and the kid make it out. Two goons burn to death*

Warlock: Holy shit this is graphic….I love it.


*A wounded John knocks on Joanna’s door. She tells him to get lost. John doesn’t care and says he’s finished as Karate Man, he almost killed a kid. Joanna hugs him close*

Warlock: Oh what the fuck?


*Croft finds a clue that John blew up the crack lab but tells Hubbel its just some blood. Hubbel and Price identify 7 bodies, all criminals. Croft says sooner or later Karate Man will slip as John wakes up next to Joanna in the middle of the night. Croft pulls a gun and tells them they’re going for a ride. John complains about police procedure and Croft tells him to shut the fuck up*

Warlock” This would be a crummy heel turn.


*Joanna is left behind but she hears a noise. Rick stands behind her and cocks a gun. Meanwhile Croft admits he knows he’s Karate Man. John figures out they’re not going to the police station. He punches out Croft and runs for it. John goes back home and Rick tells him to show up at sunrise or else he finishes off Joanna*

Warlock: 12 minutes left, time for the big finale.


*Blade waits for John while Rick taunts Joanna. Blade senses he’s here and John shows up with a sub machine gun. Blade tosses his piece to Rick and says John doesn’t look so bad to him. John tosses his gun and they circle*

Warlock: The final fight.


*John beats the shit out of Blade*

Warlock: That was pretty one sided.


*Blade gets the upperhand with a board as John figures out it was Blade who killed his wife and son. John rips his earing out, kicks him in the junk and knocks him backwards. Rick tosses Blade a knife but John guts him with it, killing him. Suddenly Hubbel pulls up in a cruiser and holds John at gunpoint*

Warlock: This can’t be good.


*Mack walks up behind a trailer and says he didn’t want any of this. John figures out it was MACK who had his family killed years ago. Mack says if he sold one last shipment, he could have retired and would have left John alone. Now he has to start all over. Mack admits Laura said he’d be out of town and never thought he’d show up the night Blade and Rick killed them. He reveals he hid what really happened by saying he did hypnotherapy while John was still in a coma. The headache pills were to keep him under wraps. Rick says they have to go and Mack says he’s right. Rick says he’ll see Karate Man in hell and he’s suddenly blown away by Croft who had pulled up to the scene*

Warlock: Here he comes to save the dayyyyyyyyyyyyy


*Vasquez pulls up and starts shooting at Hubbel. Mack takes off in an airplane as John hops in a jeep and takes off after it*

Warlock: How are you gonna stop a plane?


*Joanna picks up Rick’s gun and tags Hubbel in the leg. Hubbel manages to shoot down Croft but Croft finishes him off with a shotgun. John then hops on the plane’s wing*

Warlock: Toss a grenade in there….oh wait, he don’t have one.


*John runs from the plane and it mysteriously explodes*

Warlock: Well that was random.


*Jerry watches the proceedings in a limo. It pulls up as Joanna runs up and hugs John. Jerry admits he had the plane rigged to eliminate all his competition. As a token of his appreciation he lets Joanna and John go free. He drives off as Croft says Jerry is his next target as Karate Man. Croft says he was trying to recruit him for his covert ops group the night before and asks him to help bring down Jerry. Jerry doesn’t really answer, he asks if Joanna wants breakfast. End credits*

Warlock: That was pretty good.


The Warlock’s Assessment: I give it a 7 out of 10. That was more gruesome than his normal movies and it made for a great revenge story. The acting was…okay…but the vigilante killing and besting the shit out of criminals element made it a pleasure to watch. I definitely recommend this.

Final Grade: 7 out of 10 – Great


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: Fuck yeah. That was one of Don Wilson’s better movies and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish more of them was this good. Anyway that wraps up another great adventure, have a pleasant evening.

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