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Eyes Like Mine (2009)

by Julie Wright(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 4
1598116258 (ISBN13: 9781598116250)
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review 1: I really liked this one. I struggled at the first trying to figure out how it was going to all come together. Liz just about drove me crazy. I understood she was going through so much but she was so mean. When I finally stopped analyzing it and just read it to enjoy the story my feelings toward it changed. I got very caught up in the story and found myself in tears several times. Liz, Claire, and Constance all had amazing faith. It was admirable to me how different the author made their hardships and trials yet how strong they had to be to get through them. We truly all are asked to go through hard things, but we are never alone. Great, clean read.
review 2: I have always wondered, what would it be like it the pioneers could see the Salt Lake valley today?
... more This book answered my question.Favorite Quotes:"The mountains we cross today may not be visible, but it will require all of our strength and all of our faith to make it over them. Step by step, we write our own stories of faith and courage. We are changed by those who have gone before us. We feel their strength. We are blessed by their examples. May we live up to their legacy.""No one is impressed by the things they see every day." less
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If only we could all have this kind of experience to help us through tough times in our lives.
I like the idea of living in the past/ future or switching places...
Interesting twist on learning from ancestors trials.
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