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Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 04 (2011)

by Julietta Suzuki(Favorite Author)
4.42 of 5 Votes: 4
1421536587 (ISBN13: 9781421536583)
Kamisama Hajimemashita
review 1: Actual rating: 3.5 Oh man... the yokai are just too great in this series!! Not only is Tomoe great...but Suzuki is quickly becoming my favorite character! He's sheer greatness!! I absolutely adore him!!I really loved the picture of Nanami on the cover for this volume!And that's really all I have to say about this volume :pOnto the last volume I'll read until the entire series is done and available! I'll look forward to re-reading it all once it's completed!
review 2: I have a lot of mixed feelings about this volume.On the one hand, I liked that Nanami didn't go through the usual, stretched over many volumes, "What Is This Feeling Why Is My Heart Beating So Fast?" nonsense. She likes Tomoe. She accepts this. And she doesn't sit around hoping and praying he'll no
... moretice her. She tries to put him in a situation where those feelings can develop naturally. Obviously, it doesn't work out according to plan, and I liked how it didn't work out.On the other hand, I didn't like how the promise she extracted from Tomoe became the thing she hates him for. Her stupidity really grew in this volume when it came to Tomoe, and not in the usual, somewhat forgivable, way that most shojos exhibit it.However, I gave this three stars because the ending more than made up for it. Her realization about her behavior was nice, and I hope she sticks with her resolve. Other reasons for three stars:* Tomoe's growing feelings for Nanami and his internal conflict.* More time travel, this time showing how Tomoe's violence had a reason behind it. (And the reason broke my heart.)* More info about his past self.* Mizuki. He can be underhanded, devious, and apparently masochistic, but his devotion to Nanami is very nice, especially since he can be much more open about it than Tomoe.* The conversation at the beginning of the volume between Tomoe and the tengu, Kurama, about young girls and how Tomoe's dedication might be viewed.* Just about everything to do with the dragon king.* Kurama's protection of Nekota. That made me like him a lot. Most of all, the humor is still going strong and the action is still clear. It's a fun series, even after four volumes. I hope it lasts.BTW: for those who feel this series is kind of like Inuyasha, the parallels really strengthen in this volume. And not in a way I liked, either. less
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So I'm kind of confused. How did the dude's eyeball get there? Did I miss something?
Cute series at this point, but I liked Suzuki Julietta's previous works better.
Such an adorable manga :)
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